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Career Counsellors

Anuradha Prabhudesai
  Ms. Anuradha Prabhudesai
MA (Counseling Psychology)
KEY COMPETENCIES: Organisational Ability, Perseverance, Diligence, Dedicated Effort, Execution, Attention to Detail, Data Analysis
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Specializes in vocational guidance and career counseling and conducts psychometric evaluations and assessments. She is an ace career counsel and writes career related columns in prestigious newspapers such as Education Times, Maharashtra Times, Lokmat and Sakal. Her expertise in vocational guidance is widely recognized. Conducting workshops is also an area of expertise, and she has considerable experience in conducting workshops with students, parents, teachers and professionals. She is also a certified MBTI professional.
Anuradha is the creative force behind Career Pathways. She has been the one to visualise as well as operationalise the entire process and bring it to fruition.

Radhika Kulkarni
  Ms. Radhika Kulkarni
MA (Counseling Psychology)
KEY COMPETENCIES: Energetic & Enthusiastic, Interpersonal Skills, Meticulous & Organized,Perseverant & Dedicated
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Radhika has a Masters in Counseling Psychology. She has an acute inclination toward psychometric evaluations – assessments, career guidance and counseling; brought together with her love for children and education. She strives to widen her strengths through constant learning and dedication. Conducting workshops, preparing modules for children and adults are also an area of specializations for her. Being a French Language Trainer by passion, she tries to amalgamate her love for education, linguistics and psychology through her work.

Shital Ravi
  Ms. Shital Ravi
MA (Counseling Psychology)
KEY COMPETENCIES: Organisational Ability, Perseverance, Diligence, Dedicated Effort, Execution, Attention to Detail, Data Analysis.
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Specializes in personality assessment and individual counseling, and her areas of interest are child, adolescent and marital counseling. She has considerable experience in psychometric evaluations and assessments. Shital is also an experienced assessor, having assessed in over 75 assessment - development centers, for various managerial levels – junior, middle and senior. Besides this, she has vast experience in conducting competency based interviews as well as assessor training workshops. She combines her psychological knowledge with industry insights, and has played a major role in the creation of the aptitude test battery.
Shital's strength lies in her detail orientation and her ability to take every task to completion. It has been her persistence and her extremely detailed work that has been instrumental in ensuring that Career Pathways is made available to students and parents.

Samindara Sawant
  Ms. Samindara Sawant
MA (Clinical Psychology)
KEY COMPETENCIES: Critical Reasoning, Organisational Ability, Team Mgmt., Perseverance, Detail Orientation, Working under Pressure/ Deadlines, Time Mgmt, Pursuit of Excellence.
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As a clinical psychologist, she specialises in psycho diagnostics and clinical assessments and has considerable experience in child, adolescent, marriage as well as family psychotherapy. She is also a certified hypnotherapist from the California Hypnotherapy Institution of India (CHII), a Reiki practitioner and a crystal healer. She uses an integrated and holistic approach toward healing people in distress.
Samindara has a strong research orientation and a scientific bent of mind. Combined with her systematic way of working and her excellent critical reasoning, this enables her to create psychometric tests with utmost care and thought. She has been the key force behind laying down test construction principles, as well as statistically testing the tests out before they are ready for use.