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Students aspiring to study business management or those confused about choosing the right stream in management studies are suitable to take the MBA Tracker. Developed by experienced psychometricians, the MBA Tracker proves to be an efficient tool in providing a comprehensive assessment of skills specifically required to excel in the operations of business management. The test aims to map cognitive abilities and executive skills to analyze and screen student profiles for business management studies.

Who can take the test?

1st year MBA students
Students aspiring to study management


Selection of the right management stream.


CogTest: A cognitive abilities test with three key components to
Numerical reasoning
Abstract reasoning
Verbal reasoning
Executive Skills Profile:
The Executive skills profiler measure 12 key executive skills such as
communication skills, time management, decision making, interpersonal
skills and so forth.

What it will tell you:

Assesses basic skills required for junior/trainee managers
Assesses basic cognitive skills required for all jobs
Help make the right choice
Insights into key functioning such as leadership ability, problem solving
competencies, people management, work orientation and so forth.

Features of the test:

Test taking duration : 45 minutes
Developed by trained psychometricians
Easy to understand English
Quick and time saving

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