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Future Scope Plus
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Future Scope Plus: For Graduates and Post Graduates

Future Scope Plus is an Aptitude Testing & Career Guidance Program for Graduates and Postgraduates. The test battery is almost similar as in the Career Pathways package. However the Interest-Skills Test is different in accordance with a graduate’s skills and advanced interests that would have developed over the course of his graduate program. The Counseling session [when opted for] focuses more on issues related to Personal Interviews, GDs, CVs, Competitive exams, studying abroad, Personal issues and other relevant issues.

Career Guidance Test Package

Test Includes :

6 Aptitude Test Skills
Timed test
Acuity Skills
Verbal Ability
Mechanical Reasoning
Spatial Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning
Analytical Reasoning

Personality Test
Profiles 6 personality traits
Untimed test

Interest Test
Profiles 10 interest areas
Untimed test

Skills Test
Profiles 12 key skills that can be connected to careers
Untimed test
Quest Skills Test

Work Values Survey
Measures work values
Untimed test

A detailed and comprehensive report will be provided that maps the students’ strengths and developmental areas and the most suitable careers.

Online Career Counselling
Career Counseling & Guidance will be rendered via skype. In the guidance session, one of our trained psychologists, will help in charting a suitable career path as well as help you identify strengths and developmental areas of your child. We will also handle hold your transition from UAE to the Indian education system.

Approximate Testing Time: 2 Hours

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About the Aptitude Test Report

Considering all the results, we chart a profile which consists of:

A visual and graphical representation of the student’s performance on the aptitudes,
In-depth explanation of the student’s performance on the various aptitude tests, personality assessment and interest areas.
Suitable suggestions and recommendations relating to career options.
The report will be accompanied by a personal counseling session [if opted for] with the vocational psychologist either one on one or via skype.

Aptitude Test Sample Report