Career in Engineering

Career in Engineering
Many students who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering and are not very confident at appearing for the highly competitive entrance exams, often decide to pursue engineering via the diploma avenue. Engineering diploma can be pursued as a part time as well as a full time course. Most engineering diploma courses are for a period of 3-4 years (depending upon which stream you choose).
What do they teach in a diploma course
The learning of fundamental engineering concepts.
It offers all the basic specializations, such as electrical engineering, electronics engineering, civil engineering, and computer and IT engineering,
just like a degree course does. Students can then pick the subject that interests them.
It is a professional course, planned so that students can take up a job in the engineering field once they earn their diplomas.
What after an engineering diploma?
After an engineering diploma, most students have the option for seeking admission into the bachelors of engineering course. The directorate of technical educations offers the provision of seeking lateral entry into the second year of the bachelors of engineering course. However this is possible only if you have a good academic record throughout your academic years at the diploma course. This is a centralized admission and depending upon your rank , you are allotted a degree college. Those who do not want to seek lateral entry into the bachelors course can consider option for advanced diploma course which are offered by most Mumbai/ Maharashtra polytechnics.
Some Important Engineering Streams to Consider

Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineers design, develop, manufacture and maintain automobiles ranging from tractors and two wheelers to jeeps, trucks and even sports cars. Success in this field requires a sound understanding of mechanical and mathematical concepts and principles.