Career in Civil Architecture

Career in Civil Architecture
Architecture is the study which deals with planning and designing of building and structures. Architects use the available space to its maximum in the given budget and they also see to it that it fulfill all the requirements. The work of an architect includes building of houses, multi storied high rise building, stadiums, roads, bridges, parks, dams etc. The architect must have the skill to strike a balance between the aesthetics as well as the technical aspects of it.

Initially architects work as assistants to established architects where they are responsible for researching zoning regulations, working with subcontractors (electricians, plumbers, etc.), and drafting plans, either manually or with computer assistance. After a few years as they gain experience, they start designing parts of a building where they have to be in constant touch with the contractor and ensure that the construction is taking place as per the plans. Later as established architects they actually to design and plan buildings as the lead architect.

There are number of National and State level entrance examinations a student could appear for to get admitted to first year of five years full time undergraduate course in Architecture (Bachelor of Architecture) in various colleges of India. Following are some of the important exams a student can appear for: