Career in Arts

Career With Arts Stream
Every year we see that there are more career opportunities and options available for students. When a child completes his tenth standard, it is often time for him/her to choose certain streams for which he/she has an aptitude towards, or which he/she is interested in.

However, many students make the mistake of letting their marks decide what stream they should take up. This leads to the thinking that if the student has scored between 80-90 % then he/she could opt for science. If the percentage is between 70-80 % then the commerce option is good and if the percentage scored is below than that the only option remains with them is Arts.

There is still another misconception about Arts stream. Most of the people feel that the stream of arts does not open up many career opportunities and the only option which is available for students is the teaching line and becoming a professor.

However, most of the times students follow a faulty method of arriving at or choosing career options. What they should do instead is first identify, broadly, what they want to do, and then they should find out what they need to study in order to get their dream job. If they do this the other way round, that means that they are being dictated by their circumstances.

'Social sciences' or 'Humanities' popularly termed as the Arts stream includes study of human beings, the society they live in, their interrelationships and behavioral patterns. The humanities stream offers a variety of subjects for study. Education, research, the development sectors, service sectors, government jobs, politics, administration & public affairs, law, mass media, defense, investigative and protective services offer an array of career openings.

The avenues available are vast in the field of Arts with specialization in the English literature, Marathi literature, foreign languages, psychology, political science, philosophy, sociology, politics, economics, history, geography, mathematics, statistics and so forth. As the student completes the HSC, they have to choose their specialization along with other optional subjects and the duration of the course is 3 years.
Career in Arts Specialization Subjects

Sociology is the systematic study of relationships among people. Sociologists investigate the structure of groups, organizations, and societies, and how people interact within these contexts. Skills in analyzing and interpreting information, planning and organizational ability, and an eye for detail are imperative. Sociologists may join as faculty in colleges and universities, teaching and advising students, conducting research, and publishing their work. Other than academics and research, they may enter the corporate world, on-profit organizations, and the government in market research, policy analysis, as consultants, and in administration. The job opportunities could also be in qualitative market research and analysis, survey research, and work in urban planning, community development, and criminology, in demographics and in politics.