Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Importance of Career Guidance

More and more it is coming to the fore that students make wrong choices and get into streams or fields that they are not interested in and do not have the aptitudes for. This creates lot of unhappiness and a sense of dissatisfaction. Also at a later juncture in life there are not many who can rectify the same and go in a profession which they find satisfying and which uses their aptitudes. Hence planning a career becomes important so that we do not end up making wrong choices.

Career planning is not like a game of darts but is like the game of chess where you have to think before making each and every move. To explain further, planning a career is like assembling the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The key to effective Career Planning is to fit the pieces correctly.

The Aptitude testing and Career Guidance program helps you to shortlist the career options suitable for you. Knowing yourself better is essential for one to make an informed decision. This would include understanding one’s Intelligence, Aptitudes, Interest, Personality, Skills, Learning Styles and so forth. Good career planning is a match between all these.

Thus it is career counseling which helps you know yourself and your career choices better by helping you understand the interplay of your personality, interests and your aptitudes. Career counseling thus becomes a valuable aid in making your career decision.