Aptitude Test for IX - XII
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Why is Career Counselling mandatory and something that all students should go through?

Throughout our student life we are working towards "becoming" something in the future as it is our job or work that gives us our identity.We are known by the profession that we pursue. Thus making the right career choice is a critical decision for every individual, and one that needs to be taken with lot of care and thought. Our success and happiness in a career depend on the complex interaction between various aspects, such as our interest, our aptitude for the chosen career, our personality, and so forth. This is where career counseling plays a vital role! helps the individual to understand his/her own career choices better by helping one know more about his/her own personality, interests and aptitudes. Career counseling thus becomes a valuable aid in making one’s career decision.

What happens after an aptitude test?

One can opt for one to one counselling with our psychologist. The counselling can be either face to face or via skype.

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