Hotel Management in India

When we talk about hotel management what we start to imagine is 5 star, 7 star hotels, posh lobbies, grand entrances etc. We always dream of these luxuries that are related to this field.

The hospitality industry in India has been evolving over the last several years, and today, a career in hospitality is among the more sought after ones for many youngsters. Hotel Management involves work in different aspects of the hotel industry such as administration, front office or reception, sales and marketing, food and beverage, housekeeping and so forth. This field comes under the umbrella of service industries.


There are four main areas in which a person can specialize in this field:

Kitchen: This specialization focuses on catering and related activities. A fresher starts at the level of an apprentice, where he is apprenticed with a chef or his assistants. One can gradually move up the ladder, by becoming a commi, demi chef, su chef, chef the cuisine, assistant chef and finally, executive chef.

Front Office: As the name suggests, this specialisation trains students for direct interface with customers. Work can range from handling customer queries and phone calls, making reservations, addressing complaints, and so forth. This department consists of guest service agents, front office supervisors, lobby managers, assistant front office managers and the front office manager.

Housekeeping: This department is responsible for the smooth running of the hotel. It takes care of hygiene, maintenance, aesthetics, laundry and countless other things. The hierarchy here begins from room attendants to housekeeping supervisors, assistant managers, deputy managers to executive housekeeper.

Food and Beverages: This is the food department, or the restaurants and coffee shops. Everything to do with menu planning, selection of spirits, presentation of food, garnishing and so on is taken care of my this department. An apprentice can gradually become a steward, move up to me a maitre de and then to manage specific departments (banquet manager, food and beverage manager, and so on) and finally become a general manager.

Courses can range in diverse areas such as food production management, dietetics and nutrition, front office and tourism management, accommodation operations and management and so forth.

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