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Common Admission Test (CAT)-2016 ?>

Common Admission Test (CAT)-2016

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) conduct the most coveted management entrance exam in the country – the Common Admission Test (CAT). This year, the CAT – 2016 will be conducted by IIM – Bangalore in two sessions. This exam will be conducted by IIMs as a pre-requisite for admission to various management programmes of IIMs. This year, IIM Jammu has started functioning, increasing the total number of IIMs to 20 in India. These institutes will grant admission against 3750…

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The Eiffel Tower at Paris, the Burg Dubai at Dubai, the Empire State Building at New York……. All these are awe inspiring structures that change the face of a city / state / country. These are all works of architects who not only visualize, plan, design, these structures, but also make them into reality. While many of these monuments are known for their beauty, grace and aesthetics, it is also the architect’s job to see to it that they are…

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Bright Career in Indian Army ?>

Bright Career in Indian Army

Imagine a life without protection. Imagine that our borders are unprotected and we are vulnerable. We can sleep in peace because our Armed forces are guarding our borders. It’s indeed a career that requires not just great physical stamina and ambition but also demands great courage and fortitude. People in army are trained to fight on land and consist of various divisions including the infantry, the artillery, the armoured corps etc. As an officer in the Indian Army, you will…

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Career in Medicine after 12th in india ?>

Career in Medicine after 12th in india

Medicine is one of the oldest and one of the noblest professions. Even today, with the advent of so many new careers, medicine still remains one of the most sought after and prestigious careers. A doctor’s profession involves a lot of hard work and at the same time, it gives the satisfaction of curing patients and times even saving lives. Though known as one of the noblest of professions it’s also a very demanding profession. To be in this profession…

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PHARMACY is an interesting careerpath ?>

PHARMACY is an interesting careerpath

The pharmaceutical industry is booming and drug development and regulatory affairs have a new impetus being given to it.  With new viruses and lifestyle diseases taking the forefront preventive medicine has been given a shot in the arm. The  Indian Pharma industry, which has registered a spectacular progress today, ranks 4th in volume and 13th in value in the global pharmaceutical market with exports worth USD 2.6 billion besides domestic sales amounting to over USD 4 million. The number of…

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Biomedical Engineering in India ?>

Biomedical Engineering in India

If you visit a hospital or even a dentist’s clinic we come across huge but sleek machines that are so quick to diagnose and help doctors in treating patients with a rate which is much faster than what it was few years back. Thanks to the new technology which has brought enormous changes in the field of medicine. The dependency on medical instruments has given rise to the field of biomedical engineering. The field mainly deals with the development and…

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When we talk about hotel management what we start to imagine is 5 star, 7 star hotels, posh lobbies, grand entrances etc. We always dream of these luxuries that are related to this field. The hospitality industry in India has been evolving over the last several years, and today, a career in hospitality is among the more sought after ones for many youngsters. Hotel Management involves work in different aspects of the hotel industry such as administration, front office or…

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Top National Entrance Exams after XII in India ?>

Top National Entrance Exams after XII in India

Grade XII marks the turning point for students as they make one of the first and most important career decisions. Students opt between various courses and institutes with the help of entrance exams being their gateways. Here is a list of national entrance exams students take from various fields.   Field   Name of the Exam     Engineering JEE – Joint Entrance Exam : Mains & Advanced BITSAT – Birla Institute of Technology & Science Admission Test. VITEE –…

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