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Welcome to Career Pathways

Looking for continuing your higher education in India? Look no further, you have come to the right place! We, at Career Pathways assist you in your quest to know the right profession, the right degree, as well as the best college fit!

What do we do?

Career Pathing: Help you understand your unique aptitude and personality profile, and zero in on the best possible career choice.

Vocational Guidance: A personalised online session with our career experts to discuss, brainstorm and clarify.
Career Information: Our robust, in-house database to help you access information about courses, exams, entry dates, colleges and everything related to making the right career choice.

Advantage India!

Indian families living abroad increasingly prefer to send their children to India to complete their higher education. Let us look at some reasons why coming to India offers some distinct advantages.

Excellent Standard of Education: Indian courses and programmes, especially the ones at recognised institutions, are of high standards. Increasing focus on theoretical as well as practical training enables students to come out as professionals.

Low Cost of Living: Compared to the West, or other countries in Asia that offer good education, Indian cost of living remains reasonable and affordable.

Cultural Familiarity: Students remain in a cultural setup that is known and familiar to them, and where adapting becomes much easier.

Developing Economy: India is today poised on making rapid developments in various industries and sectors. Getting qualified in India gives students a definite headstart while making a career move in India.

Anuradha Prabhudesai
Ms. Anuradha Prabhudesai

MA (Counseling Psychology)

Shital Ravi
Ms Shital Ravi

MA (Counseling Psychology)

Radika Kulkarni
Ms. Radika Kulkarni

MA , (Counseling Psychology)